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List of expectations people should understand will not happen when they get to Dubai

1. You will suddenly become super rich (surprising isn't it? well just because you are surrounded by luxury doesn't mean you can afford it!) although it is a bit cheaper then everything is here, not much though! THe first time I went to dubai around 9 years ago yes this was the case, but now, well thats completely untrue.

2. Nobody cares anymore about what you wear- the first few times I ever went I was so cautious of what to wear, what's showing and how covered up I should be in the malls, that's a thing of the past, walking down JLT people walking around in bikini's like they are in Miami.

3. Harsh reality it's never gonna be like Miami, maybe you can wear whatever you like but that doesn't mean you should feel soooo comfortable doing it.

4. You will not have the cultured experience that you think you will, what you will do is walk around cold buildings and be hiding from the sun

5. If you thought you would get a tan! well maybe if you stay only at your hotel and the beach, the second you leave that you will feel like the colour is escaping from your skin, everything is air conditioned

6. The concept of walking down a street is non existant, it seems that you must be in a cab or a car walking for 2 minutes is outrageous to most people

7. But public transport has vastly imporved over the last few years, the trams are in place and functioning, they do seem to cause more traffic for the rest of the one way roads though, the crazy mapping of the roads is unreal! if you miss your turn, be prepared to be in a car for at least an extra 30 minutes! 

8. Cabbies are crooks, all they want is money, even with strict instruction of your location they will always "accidentally" make a mistake which of course you pay for! They are rude an bad at their job, don't go there thinking any different, even being polite to them fails, as a person who strongly believes that you should give people the benefit of the doubt here I say don't! they will always try to con you!

9. I move you swiftly onto nightlife- they may try and try to tell you that it's incerdible, and maybe to some this is! But as a person that has experienced everything from the worlds finest bars, clubs, rooftop bars to it's dingiest little club rooms and hidden getaways, I can honestly say Dubai does not offer this. It offers you pretty much what you see on a poster, a well decorated location where you can drink for a very unreasonable price and do nothing but listen to bar music. Harsh relaity but it is what it is.

10. If you go to Dubai expect to feel like you are in America, Canada and the UK, every chain you can think of will be there. Now for some this may be a nightmare, but hey you can't get Tim Hortons in the UK and if it means I can get me some of that amazing French Vanilla I'm always happy. But it does seem like they take it too far, there's no real originailty you can feel like you are in the lego movie, and again that may appeal to some, for me I can liek it for 2 days then I get bored!

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