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So it's less then 6 months until the day and we are attemoting to plan a wedding that caters to the Arab in me the western in him and the Hindu in his mum. 

Sounds like a crazy cocktail but we are definately trying! Lets hope we succeed..

Our story so far..

So girl meets boy.. they fall in love and all that jazz.. boy asks girls to get married and boooom the complications begin! 

So being an Arab girl nothing is every easy, this is something that many people have to learn the hard way! No matter how hard I try to explain it! It all starts with the family approval (pre engagement) to most western cultures it's the case of hey mom/dad heres the guy! To an Arab it's all just a bit more complex.. but we managed it in the end, i'll spare you all the details.

So now to plan the day.. we live in London one of the more expensive places to plan a wedding.. not only this we want to do it in 6 months! 

INSANE I hear you say.. maybe and most definately, but we will try! 

SO far we have been to see so many venues, ranging from amazing to ok to oh god what have we walked into! 

We have finally come to a happy medium and chosen to find a nice restaurant to cater the event, nice atmosphere already has everything we need and to our amazing surprise works out cheaper! woohooo step on done

today we booked the registry again this was something we thought we would struggle with but that went freakishly smoothly woohooo

now all thats left is the islamic wedding the hindu wedding the decorations the dress the invites and everything in between. 

I will write a brief short article about this experience week;y, I will try to put as many helpful tips and things that may help any other Melon out there because if there is anything that can cause a panic attack over a life of a Middle Eastern in a Western world I think that a wedding is definately that thing!

SO good luck to us and anyone else trying to plan a wedding nevermind an interacial mixed one!

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