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Welcome to the glorious world of Melonmag.

Let's break the Melon down..

so the reason we have created Melon is because there just aren't enough publications in this world that bridge the gap between being Middle Eastern and a little bit Western. Not many people talk abou the crazy merge of the two culture clashes that have more in common and so much amazingness! 

The hard exterior lets just slice that down and get to the juicy bits, that all of you reading and enjoying our site.

The pips that's us, with the litte bit of crunch that we've carefully created to make your day a little bit more interesting, to expand your mind into the world of Melon.

Bringing the Middle East to the rest of the world.. Melon is inspired by the beauty of the culture, art, design, fashion and absolutely everything worth sharing!

An open network of people with a similar way of thinking with the agreed common interest of the Middle East.

Melons are for sharing we aren't greedy.. send us a message of you want to be part of our community.


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